Rumba de Bodas 

Super Power 

/ Some time ago we made for Rumba de Bodas, a R&B, Soul and Folk music band, the design for the coming out of their last album Superpowers. So we made different artworks, always caring about the handcrafting aspect, on the theme of the jungle which we unrolled throughout the whole comunication.

Super Power 

Cd Pack 

/ Beside the packaging of the vinyl we also made the one for the CD, as well as posters, t-shirts, and promotional gadgets. Also for the inner part of the booklet we merged the jungle theme, rendered by handmade cardboard props, to the typography.

Behind the scenes


/ Client: Rumba de Bodas

Art direction: Uovo Lab
Graphic Design: Davide Pagliardini
Photography: Davide Farabegoli