/ Filo.Vero is a small brand of items for children, born from the passion for needle and thread, and the creativity of Veronica, unstoppable heuforic mother, wife and biomedica engineer. Always been in love with DIY and sewing, Veronica created the first models of bib for her son, and from there, the products’ growth have been unstoppable. 
/ All this also thanks to the fully-hand made process and the attention to details, which could not neglect the corporate design side of her brand. Within this perspective we cured the rebranding of her project, creating a modular and cheap-print paper labels’ system, redesigning the logo and creating all the communication materials for her products.​​​​​​​
/ We designed some adhesive labels which are home-printable, to be as cheap as possible. 
Each type of sticker can be repeated a certain number of times within a A4 size sheet, to reduce paper and ink consumption as much as possible.
In some of the labels an icon is present, which the costumer himself inserts by his own, through a box that always allows to accurately resize and center it.
/ Labels for indications also have been designed to be independently edited. 
The file has a starting A4 layout and features all the possible combinations of indications.


/ Client: Filo.Vero

Art direction: Uovo Lab
Graphic Design: Davide Pagliardini
Photography: Davide Farabegoli